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Welcome to BLIPS 8™ for the VAY736X2208 Study

The BLIPS software program has been iteratively designed and developed by ADS-Limathon in collaboration with the British Isles Lupus Assessment Group (BILAG) . BLIPS is the only BILAG scoring system validated and endorsed by the BILAG Group, and ADS-Limathon are the exclusive licensors of BILAG for commercial studies.

BLIPS™ was originally developed by ADS-Limathon as a desktop software application in 1995 and first released as a product in 1997. It has been in constant use for over 25 years and now hosts BILAG data going back almost 30 years. In 2022 we are proud to introduce the first modules of the latest version - BLIPS 9 ™.

BLIPS 9™ is a modular suite of BLIPS applications designed to monitor and assess lupus patients at regular assessments.

Today, the BLIPS 8 and BLIPS 9 Services are hosted on the latest high availability technology with server replication, using the latest dual processor servers, with RAID arrays of solid state drives for speed, daily backups for data security, and offsite backups for disaster recovery.

The BLIPS 8™ Software uses HTML5, and the new BLIPS 9™ uses Blazor technology for maximum browser compatibility ensuring that you will not require any browser plug-ins or PC installation. Modular design allows us to configure your system to exactly what you need.

BLIPS™ comprises the following modules:

  • BLIPS Certify™ - Standardising assessments through training and certification
  • BLIPS Entry™  - Simplifying Data Entry, Edit Checks, and Scoring for each site
  • BLIPS Investigator™ - provides an holistic view of the patient assessments
  • BLIPS Resolve - allows BILAG and SLEDAI data side by side for Query resolution
  • BLIPS Query™ - Audit trailed data queries between study team and sites
  • BLIPS Responder™ -  Real time generation of SRI and BICLA responders
  • BLIPS Analysis™ - Push button trend analysis and graphing
  • BLIPS Dashboard™ -  Providing study overview, and user account management
  • BLIPS Extract™  - Allows access to custom, scheduled and ad-hoc data exports

BLIPS 8™ and BLIPS 9™ Software for VAY736X2208 features:

  • BILAG Index, the gold standard lupus activity assessment
  • BILAG Flares, automatically calculated from BILAG data
  • SLEDAI 2K, a disease activity index with subtle differences to SELENA SLEDAI
  • SRI-4, 6, 8, a responder index generated from BILAG and SLEDAI assessments

Clinical studies and individual clinics can choose from a range of over 40 different eCOA disease indices covering lupus, Sjogrens syndrome, arthritis, myositis, and ePRO lifestyle and quality of life assessments.

BLIPS has been the number one choice of pharmaceutical studies evaluating the performance and safety of new lupus treatments for the last 15 years and in number one choice in lupus clinics for 20 years. If your clinic, research group or  national lupus registry would like to use the latest version, BLIPS 9™, to monitor ALL the patients at your clinic, please contact ADS-Limathon and we will be pleased to discuss. BLIPS 9™ can be tailored to your individual requirements.